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Comprehensive Functional Testing

“Bugs lurk in corners”, said Boris Beizer, one of the gurus of Software Testing. To catch them, it is not enough to bang the application hoping to find something. Discovering real problems take a solid Testing Methodology. Doing it efficiently, without becoming a bottleneck in the software delivery cycle, takes expertise.

Conflair has the methodology that answers the testing challenge. Here are some points on how we do that:

Catch them all -

  • Cover Requirements – tests should cover all aspects of the Requirements. Our testers know how to do that. In order to ensure it's being done, we maintain a comprehensive Coverage Matrix.
  • Test Boundaries – we will fill the database with a largest foreseeable number of records, enter the highest possible number in a field, select the most remote country as a destination – all that in order to ensure that your system can handle rare yet possible cases; so that your help desk is not surprised later...
  • Mimic the “evil user” - the user who is so much hated by the developers, who always would exercise the most illogical path or enter an obviously invalid piece data, like “I do not know” in the date field... We call imitating that kind of user negative testing, and we always do it.

Make it efficient -

  • Prioritize based on Risk – rarely one has enough time to do exhaustive testing. Usually you have to decide which tests are most important to run. Conflair makes these decisions based on risk and impact analysis, a method that proved itself very helpful many times.
  • Track Progress and Report Status – at any time you will know how many test have been conducted, how many passed, how many failed, etc. - and all that with our simple metrics (see picture).
  • Separate Test Case and Test Data – this simple idea can save a whole lot of time in maintaining your testing assets. The tricky part is how exactly to do it – and that's where we have the knowledge and the expertise.

Special stuff -

  • Testing in the Dark – if you do not have written Requirements, we can use special techniques to create high-quality Test Cases without full-scale reverse engineering.
  • Beyond Requirements - adherence to Requirements is necessary but not sufficient. A good Test Engineer applies her knowledge, experience and common sense as well. If there is no explicit requirement for the limits of body temperature in your application, it still cannot be 451 degrees...
  • Special Tests – if you need Compliance / Logo Certification tests, Internationalization tests or some other special kind of testing, Conflair can help you.

Testing is an essential ingredient in ensuring application's Quality. We know how to make it work.
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