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Testing Shop Set-up

Many companies prefer to have their own internal testing department and rely on external solution providers for testing only in special projects. If this is the case, Conflair can help you in setting up your own testing shop, whether you want it located next door or twelve time zones away.

Conflair's methodology for setting up a testing organization has a number of steps:

Define Requirements

Just like with developing new software, you want to know first what your needs are. We can help you to structure your requirements and translate them into guidelines, job descriptions, personnel selection criteria, etc.

Create Structure

Before we go any further, we will help you to define a structure for the testing organization: the org chart; reporting hierarchy; physical, hardware and software environments necessary for successful testing.

Develop Guidelines

We create Testing Guidelines that will serve as a handbook for your company's Test Engineers. It will shorten the learning curve and ensure that testers are on the same page in regards to how to plan, design, execute and report tests.

Select Staff

Conflair will provide a full personnel selection service for staffing your testing organization: starting with defining job descriptions and desired skill sets and going all the way to arranging exams and interviews.

Train Test Engineers

Once the Test Engineers have been hired, we provide them with tailored training. Having your needs clearly understood and Testing Guidelines already written, the training can be highly efficient and focused.

Follow Implementation

Trained and eager to discover defects, your Test Engineers are starting to work. We will provide them active support for a while, to ensure they can continue on their own later. At this stage, we might need to amend/expand the Testing Guidelines, and to transfer the knowledge to your new Testing Team.

Investing up-front in establishing a good testing organization increases the efficiency and the quality of tester's work. It is also significantly easier and cheaper than trying to come into the existing organization and fix perceptions and work habits that have been there for a while.
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