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Independent Verification and Validation

The concept of Independent Verification and Validation, or IV&V, is based on the assumption that making a fox watch a hen house is a bad idea it's better to get a dog. IV&V is a form of project assurance that entails engaging an external organization in order to oversee project planning and execution. For example, when company A engages company B to develop a software application, company C might act as an IV&V provider and ensure that the vendor is managing a project in a way that leads to meeting the client's needs.

Conflair's approach to IV&V is going beyond the mere process oversight. While conducting the basic verification activities diligently, we also engage in a more significant validation. The graphic below provides an example, with classical IV&V activities on the right and Conflair's added value on the left:

With Conflair's IV&V, you are getting not only document reviews and metrics overview, but an additional level of confidence through sampling and examining actual deliverables. This blows a whistle early in the life cycle, long before the carefully hidden problems make their way to production thus making it easier and much cheaper to fix.
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