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Mobile Testing

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Mobile devices continue to increase in popularity. All sorts of software applications are developed for a variety of mobile platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows smart phones, PDAs. Yet mobile devices pose a number of challenges that must be addressed before the user has a chance to get frustrated.
The best way to make sure you tackle these challenges early enough is to test your application:


Any software testing must cover requirements; this is obvious. Covering them efficiently requires expertise. Making sure that not only explicit user need but also implicit expectation are addressed requires specific testing expertise. Conflair offers this expertise to you.


Mobile devices run a variety of operating systems, all of which, including Windows Mobile, are different from the PC or Mac. Mobile browsers are special as well. To make the picture even more complicated, hardware platforms can differ substantially and change rapidly. Will your application run without errors? Will your forms display correctly? Will the app install effectively? Conflair will test it and let you know.


Screen size, resolution, color scheme. All of these attributes – exacerbated by the challenges posed by the specific conditions of use of the device – must be validated. Knowing what to test for is Conflair’s expertise.


Mobile devices pose unique performance challenges. Memory leaks can cause serious issues. Connection speed makes load problems more acute. Discovering the performance problems so you can fix them before the user notices is our task.

Test Automation

Everybody loves the idea of making a machine run software tests - it's quicker, cheaper, and more reliable. Doing it for mobile is tricky: installing a heavy testing tool on a device is impossible, yet testing your application on a PC-based emulator would not tell you much about its real behavior. Conflair has developed a unique methodology for testing mobile using common test automation tools yet on the device itself, thus saving you costs while increasing quality. In addition, our test automation solutions are architected to be flexible so they can be easily applied to new devices.

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