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Software Process Improvement

Software Process Improvement

Software processes are the single most important factor that determines the success of your software project in terms of timeline, resources, ROI, etc.

Conflair professionals have valuable experience in setting up software processes for large and small organizations, in private as well as government sector. Different companies require different degree of consultant's involvement, varying approaches and a lot of flexibility. We use a variety of sources as a benchmark for process improvement CMMI(R), ISO, IEEE standards. We have been there and done that that makes our chances to succeed higher.

Software Life Cycle

Selecting an appropriate model for software life cycle is a key for successful IT. While some projects necessitate simple yet robust life cycle that resembles the classical Waterfall model, others need a more sophisticated Spiral approach. In some cases, same organization should have more than one software development life cycle model for example, when it develops and customizes software applications that satisfy different needs. Conflair can:
  • Analyze your needs related to software processes
  • Design and implement a Software Life Cycle model for your organization
  • Complete the model with procedures, guidelines and templates
  • Configure software tools to support the life cycle model
  • Train your people to work according to the model

Suppliers' Evaluation

In mane cases an organization would engage external suppliers to develop, customize and support software applications; provide software development tools; outsource certain segments of day-to-day operations. Whether the suppliers live next door or twelve time zones away, you want to be sure that they understand your business and are capable to provide you the necessary support. We can help you with that. In evaluating tools as well as services, we will look at a number of things, going beyond the declarations of suppliers' sales people. Few examples:
  • Product / Service provided does it fit your specs? Sounds simple, but do you have all the specs written down?
  • Supplier's development processes are they robust enough to support continuous success? Is the performance of the supplier predictable?
  • Standard Compliance does the product comply with the standards and regulations you need it to comply with?
  • Supplier organization is it strong enough to provide continuous support? For example: how many full-time technical support positions specific supplier has?
  • Supplier's history does it support supplier's current claims? For example, does the supplier have a history of quick adjustment to new platforms, e.g., new version of Windows?

Each supplier and tool evaluation is documented and reflected in a quantitative comparison matrix.

Software Metrics

IT Solutioning will not be complete without the ability to measure the quality of the solution the satisfaction your needs. In order to do that, Conflair implements software process and product metrics:
Process Metrics enable you to measure task completion, budget utilization, changes in quality level and to correlate these and other metrics. Process metrics are very useful as an input for managerial decision making.
Product Metrics allow you to quantify different parameters of the software product it complexity, size, quality level and other aspects. These metrics are very useful in product evaluation, status accounting and other areas where you need to compare a software application with another product or with the expected outcome.
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