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Off-Shoring Assurance

Off-Shoring Assurance

Off-shoring software development, maintenance and support activities is an established means of driving down costs and improving a company’s competitive position in the market. However, too many off-shoring efforts fail to deliver their promised ROI through unexpectedly high setup and maintenance costs, poor quality and loss of customer confidence. Conflair leverages its expertise in software process improvement, Quality Assurance and Testing in order to help companies benefit from off-shoring while minimizing the negative effects.

The Challenges: All the same multiplied by...

Off-shoring poses all the familiar challenges of software development:
  • Training of newcomers in your core business
  • Developing commitment and loyalty
  • Maintaining an easy-to-follow yet robust software development processes
  • Progress monitoring and management control
  • Accomplishing milestones and meeting deadlines
amplified by
  • Geography – you need to do it with people who are thousands of miles away
  • Time zone differences – when you come to work, they are ready to go home
  • Different organizational culture – and just as important: cultural differences
  • Infrastructure – hardware, software, telecommunications…

Conflair's approach: Defining your needs and developing a solution

In order to deliver the big off-shoring promise of lower costs with high quality, Conflair provides an Off-shore Assurance solution. We help companies to ensure that their off-shoring efforts deliver the expected ROI by building the quality controls into the off-shoring process from day one:

1. Define your needs and goals
Conflair helps you to define clearly what you want to achieve by off-shoring – lower costs? higher quality? quicker turnaround for implementing changes? We help you translate these goals into a request for proposals that will take account of all the different variables of the off-shore equation. Key areas include:
  • Competency: subject matter expertise, technology, processes and procedures
  • Costs: visible as well as hidden (training, travel, retention, insurance…)
  • Information security: physical as well as non-physical
  • Communications and development Infrastructure: network, phones, power supply
2. Select off-shoring model
Your way of doing business, future plans and other factors will determine your strategy in regards to the off-shoring model. Would it be a partner relationship with an existing off-shore company? Acquisition of an existing off-shore entity? Starting a division of your company overseas? We will guide you through the risks and opportunities presented by each of the options available to you.

3. Develop solution
Conflair will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs the best:
  • Selecting an off-shore entity
  • Analyzing and improving your existing software life cycle to ensure it is ready for off-shoring
  • Overseeing a controlled and orderly handover
  • Defining and implementing management controls and performance measures
  • Creating efficient quality control mechanisms to ensure building quality into the product rather than finding the absence of it later
  • Developing and administering training for oversees as well as existing employees
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