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Excel Application Development

Excel: A Hidden Treasure

Microsoft Excel is far more than a spreadsheet. If you own an Excel license, you have a powerful platform for application development that can save you time and money. Consider, for example, the following tasks:
  • Pulling information from three different databases and two web pages and analyzing it
  • Statistical Process Control for manufacturing and service components of your business
  • Generating HTML reports and posting them on your website
  • Calculating costs while being able to analyze the overall costís sensitivity to different components
  • Calculating prices and issuing invoices based on 16 different and variables
All of these tasks can be handled by an off-the-shelf application or by a custom solution. All of them can also be handled by an Excel-based application. The difference between the two in many cases can be reduced to time and money.

The Benefits: Saving Time and Money

Excel can save you lot. Developing Excel-based application takes a fraction of the cost and time of a custom development that utilizes other technologies, and in many cases is cheaper than off-the-shelf solutions. Excel-based applications do not require purchasing expensive hardware and software platforms, hiring experts to maintain and operate the application or extensively training your personnel. At the same time, Excel solutions answer your needs, incorporate your calculations and are aligned with your business processes.

Conflair: Solutions for Your Needs

Conflair designs and develops Excel-based solutions for its clients in a variety of areas, from decision support systems and issue tracking mechanisms to configurable checklists and statistical process control applications. Our strength lies not only in the expertise in using Excel but also in our approach: focusing on your needs and building a solution around them, rather than trying to see where your needs fit into our scheme. Since we are familiar with a broad spectrum of technologies and IT solutions, we can interface Excel-based application with a variety of other systems: from Word and Access to databases and on-line reporting tools. For example, we can create an application that pulls information from flat files, SQL database and web pages; analyzes parameters in terms of average, deviation and range; creates HTML report and post it on your website Ė all using Excel. This way, we weave Excel-based applications into the texture of your business while minimizing the learning curve and implementation costs.

Your Excel license is a treasure trove that is waiting to be unlocked. While in some cases more robust and expensive solutions are in order, itís always worth checking out Excel first. Conflair can help you with that.
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