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Custom Software Development

Conflair creates “tailor-made” software applications to answer your business needs.

Our approach: Answering Clients' needs

Following the IT Solutioning philosophy, our approach for creating custom applications focuses on answering the needs of the clients. Implementing it, we follow our own preaching and maintain a clearly-defined yet simple Software Life Cycle, which starts with project planning, stresses clear definition and approval of requirements, has all the necessary verification and validation procedures. In order to ensure a prompt response to your changing needs and production issues, we utilize change and defect management processes and tools.
The concept of being flexible and responsive applies to technology as well. Conflair supports different platforms, can arrange hosting for smaller applications and organize their distribution and deployment.

Pricing: Keeping costs at bay

We realize that no solution would be good if it blows the IT budget. While planning the project, we have the budgetary concerns in mind. Conflair partners with an off-shore software development company – which helps in reducing costs.


Below are a couple of examples of applications Conflair can develop for you:
  • Project Management Dashboards that fetch information from different databases and present a summary to facilitate decision making.
  • Issue Management Systems – whether you are tracking customer requests of software defects, you might purchase a software application and try to make it fit your needs or opt for developing a customized solution. We can help you with both.
  • Data Downloading Solutions – you have three applications that do not “talk” to each other and none of them can export data to Excel; you do not want to invest in purchasing an elephant of a system and then spend a year customizing it; in this case, a small data processing interface might be in order.
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