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Implementation Assurance

Implementing a software package instead of developing an application from scratch is a promising proposition. Lower costs and shorter timelines seem to be a sure benefit. However, in many cases the opposite happens: customizations pile up, the end-users do not get what they wanted, performance is bad, deadlines are missed and the costs go north.

Implementation Assurance - putting everybody on the same page

To help you in realizing the promise of packaged software or software-as-a-service, Conflair has designed the Implementation Assurance solution. This solution focuses on:
  • Defining Requirements

    – what exactly do we need
  • Analyzing Gaps

    – what needs to be added to vendor’s application
  • Implementation Planning

    – timeline, resources, deliverables
  • Progress Monitoring

    – and corrective action
  • Product Validation

    – test to make sure you get what you paid for

Implementation assurance is about closing the gap between What you See and What You Get. Conflair can help you with that.
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