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Test Automation with Visual Studio Team System

Test Automation can bring significant gains in reliability while driving testing costs down. By having a computer to execute tests and report defects, you can run you tests faster and focus your team on tasks more analytical than re-running again and again the same suite of test cases.

Test Automation Challenge: Object Recognition

There is another side to this coin, though: in order to automate your tests successfully, the test automation tool has to be robust enough, and in particular be able to recognize custom application objects. In other words, when told to click on a button and then read a message from a dialog box, the automated script should be able to “see” the button and the box time and again, in this version and in the next one. Since different people wrote the tool and the application-under-test, this is not easy, and automated tools frequently stumble upon new versions of the application, new editions of the internet browser, new versions of the operating system…

The Holy Grail of Test Automation: The Tool that Understands

For years, the Holy Grail of Test Automation was a tool that would recognize object by stable features that would not be gone with a wind in the next version. Some tools attempted to employ sophisticated techniques based on fuzzy logic and statistical probability, others resorted to screen coordinates. Test Automation Architectures addressed the issue of object recognition in length, and methodologies were devised to cope with this problem. But it might have been that the search just went in a wrong direction.

Visual Studio Team System: Higher Potential and Lower Costs

Visual Studio Team System suggests a new approach to Test Automation. Automated scripts are part of the new .NET development environment. As such, they are “native” to the application and do not have to cope with recognizing objects somebody else developed. Instead, they go straight to the source. Another important side benefit is that test execution becomes significantly faster. Management and maintenance of the scripts are easier – Visual Studio provides a way to manage test design and test execution, manual as well as automated. Atop of all that you do not have to purchase a number of expensive tool licenses and pay a separate maintenance fee – it’s all part of your development environment. To sum up: costs are lower, and the potential for quality is higher.

Expertise and Experience

Conflair pioneers the use of Visual Studio Team System for Test Automation. We combine our expertise in Test Automation, knowledge of QA and Testing methodologies and experience with a variety of technologies to help our clients in leveraging their development environment – Visual Studio Team System – to develop and maintain a robust suite of automated tests, increase the quality of their applications and drive testing costs down.

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