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IT Solutioning: the Philosophy

Each person is unique. Since companies consist of people, every company is unique. Companies’ IT needs are unique as well. That’s why an attempt to provide a one-size-fit-all IT service or software product usually results in varying degrees of dissatisfaction.

IT Solutioning focuses on solving client’s needs rather than delivering a pre-defined service or selling a generic product. Rather than starting with a packaged product and trying to customize it to fit some of your needs, we start with your needs and develop a solution that satisfies them.

Conflair provides solutions for the IT needs of different companies. Whether you are looking to track the status of your projects, improve the quality of your products, reduce the costs of software development or implement a software package, we will provide you a solution that satisfies your requirements, fits within your budget and meets your deadlines.

P3: Processes, People, Products

In order to define and deliver solutions that satisfy your needs, Conflair focuses on three major elements of every engagement:

1. Processes: how we satisfy client’s needs. What are the procedures, workflows, checkpoints that will ensure the work is correctly defined, validated and delivered on time and within budget. Defining the processes is usually the first step for every solution, whether it focuses on developing a change management application or assuring the quality of a large software implementation.

2. People: who is going to deliver the solution. It does not matter if we are talking about one consultant or a global team – the skills, motivation and expectations should be aligned in a way that will enable to bring the desired result.

3. Products: what are the tools that are going to help in implementing the solution. The selection of tools has a strong impact on quality, budget and timelines. Having proper tools sometimes differentiates between success and failure, especially in IT.

All three of these elements – Processes, People and Products – are interrelated. Only when they are aligned can the solution be successful. When they are mutually strengthening, each one of them becomes a multiplier for success.

Solution Components: Development, QA, Off-shoring

We implement the philosophy of IT Solutioning in a number of fields:
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