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As fascinating as it is, IT Solutioning is only a fraction of human knowledge. Below are some links that might entertain you once you have already decided to engage our services and dropped us e-mail at

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Michael Yudanin, Conflair CEO, blogs about QA and Life: QAWay on Blogspot

Support Wikipedia!

Support Wikipedia

Save the world

Ever wondered how you can change the world without leaving your office? John Wood, former Microsoft sales executive, established a sure channel for you: Room to Read. It allows you to donate books to schools in the developing and eager-to-read world and participate in other useful initiatives. Go to, click [Donate] button and continue from there.

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Downloading - legal downloading - of full-text books from the web is possible. Thousands of them, in fact. Consider Project Gutenberg for this purpose.


Up to some philosophy? Go to - a website of the guy who wrote Socrates Café
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