Why Escher?

Computer software is not a physical matter but a logical one. In a sense it is similar to literary creations. “Crime and punishment” by Dostoyevsky is not a collection of pages bound together with some printing on them; it is what these pages carry and what a person familiar with the language in which the book has been written can comprehend. In a similar fashion, software is not a CD but rather what this CD carries on. This simple observation has a number of implications which give rise to a whole lot of areas of expertise and to a large number of companies, including Conflair.

Since software is not a physical matter, it does not obey physical laws. Hardware engineer cannot create a car that features one triangular wheel located on its roof and which is not to be connected to the engine by any means – this car simply will not move. For a software engineer it's a piece of cake – in fact, this kind of software is created on a daily based by mistake. In object oriented programming, for example, nothing will prevent a programmer from defining objTriangle object with certain shape and location, and then defining objCar object that will inherit all of the properties of objTriangle. No compiler will scream and no operating system will weep. Only the end-user...

Escher, a great graphic artist, created a multitude of works where impossible shapes, imaginary creatures and physically not feasible buildings exist. In a sense, his works are the best metaphor for various problems that can happen to computer software. If you want to see more of Escher, go to an article in Wikipedia and continue from there.