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SQL and Data Quality Testing

General description

Databases are an integral part of most software applications; for many of them, database is the major component. Thus, knowing how to tests database management applications is of utmost importance. SQL, or Simple Query Language, is the tongue almost all modern databases can understand, and therefore real database testing is impossible without the knowledge of SQL.
The course will focus on two main subjects: explaining the basics of databases and SQL, and then focusing of specific areas of testing where SQL skills are necessary. First we will cover the basics of databases, and SQL statements that are most useful for testing. Then we will proceed to discussing the application of SQL skills in two main areas: SQL Injection testing and Data Quality testing.
Multiple exercises will be provided during the course.

Participants will learn

  • What is the role of databases and what are the main types of databases
  • The main components of relational databases
  • Basic syntax of SQL
  • SQL statements that are most useful for testing
  • What is SQL injection and how to test for it
  • Main principles and techniques of Data Quality Testing
  • Where to look for SQL help


  • Databases - Basics
    • The function of databases
    • Relational vs. non-relational databases
    • Tables, Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers
  • Common Database Management Systems
    • Access
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • more...
  • SQL
    • Advanced queries and sub-queries
    • Wildcards
    • JOINs: Retrieving data from multiple tables
    • Keys: Data constraints
  • Security Testing
    • SQL Injection
    • Testing for injection vulnerabilities
  • Data Quality Testing
    • Data Quality issues
    • Generating Test Data
  • Where to look for help?

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