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XML and Web Services Testing

General description

The course is designed to provide software testing and quality assurance professionals with the knowledge necessary to plan, design and execute tests for applications that involve XML technologies. It covers the basics of XML, its implementation to support application programming interfaces and specifically web services, ways to validate the format and the contents of XML messages and methods to test XML-based applications.

Participants will learn

  • The principal vocabulary of XML technologies
  • Fundamentals of XML files, Document Type model and XML schema
  • Definition and applications of Web Services
  • Basics of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
  • XML validation: the meaning of Well-formed and Valid XML
  • Common tools for XML validation
  • Methods of testing XML-based applications
  • Where to look for additional resources


  • XML Basics
    • Markup languages
    • XML vs HTML
    • XML elements and attributes
    • Document Type model
    • XML schema
  • Web Services
    • Web services as a ubiquitous form of the application programming Interface
    • Offering and consuming web services
    • Web Services Definition language (WSDL)
  • Testing XML
    • Validating XML
      • Well-formed XML
      • Valid XML
      • XML validators
    • Testing XML-based applications
      • Accessing applications through XML web services
      • Analyzing results
      • Where the defects lurk, or where XML breaks

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