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Selenium for Test Automation

Duration: 2 days

General description

The goal of the course is to enable the participants to automate tests with Selenium. It provides an introduction to Selenium by explaining the concept and the technology behind it, different ways Selenium can be used, its advantages and limitations. Then we proceed to introducing the participants to recording, editing, and executing, and exporting scripts with Selenium IDE. After that, the class turns to working with Selenium WebDriver in Visual Studio; knowing how to do it in Visual Studio will also enable the participants to develop Selenium WebDriver scripts with Java development environments, e.g., Eclipse of IntelliJ. The course has multiple exercises which all consist in creating, editing, and enhancing Selenium scripts.


  • Knowledge
    • Basic knowledge of software test planning, design, execution, and defect reporting
    • General understanding of test automation principles
    • Basic understanding of coding, specifically: variable assignment, if... then... conditions, loops, and file operations
  • Installations
    • A PC with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Installed
    • Google Chrome installed
    • Selenium libraries and Chrome driver installed (separate installation instructions will be provided)

Participants will learn

  • What are the conceptual and technological principles behind Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver
  • How to record, edit, execute, and export automated scripts with Selenium IDE
  • How to create, edit, and execute automated scripts Selenium WebDriver scripts in Visual Studio


  • The Selenium World
    • The concept behind Selenium
    • Selenium technology
    • The Selenium Family
      • Selenium IDE
      • Selenium WebDriver
      • Selenium Remote Control
      • Selenium Grid
      • Extensions: Appium, Jenkins, and more
    • Limitations of Selenium
  • Selenium IDE   this section will include several exercises
    • Technology
    • Advantages and limitations
    • Recording scripts with Selenium IDE
    • Editing Selenium IDE scripts
    • Data-driven testing with Selenium IDE
    • Executing Selenium IDE scripts and interpreting results
    • Exporting Selenium IDE scripts
  • Selenium WebDriver   this section will include several exercises
    • Technology
    • Advantages and limitations
    • Options: drivers for different browsers, development environments, etc.
    • Creating Selenium WebDriver scripts in Visual Studio
    • Data-driven testing with Selenium WebDriver
    • Executing Selenium WebDriver scripts in Visual Studio and interpreting results

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