Training Long gone are the days when testing was a side job for Business Analysts and Tech Support. Today, QA Analysts are expected to be able to create test plans, design test cases, log well-described defects, write informative test reports, access web services, analyze XML snippets, write SQL queries, automate test cases, and more.

We at Conflair do all these things on a day-to-day basis. Hence, the classes we offer are not only strong in theory but are also anchored in practice. Whether you need to enhance the skills of your senior testing staff or bring up to speed junior Test Engineers, we are likely to have a class for you.

Here are some of our courses:

Test Management

Focuses on managing a testing organization and surveys a variety of aspects of test management: integrating testing into different life cycle models, defining test strategy, planning and reporting, metrics, testing HR, and more.   see more...

Test Planning

Failure to plan is planning for failure. The course addresses the principles of test planning, different testing methodologies, test classes and levels, principles of test automation and its place in the testing effort, and more – all in a very practical manner.   see more...

Test Design, Execution, and Reporting

Reviewing requirements and designing test cases, executing tests effectively and efficiently, reporting defects in a way that facilitates their resolution, summarizing test results in informative test reports, selecting and utilizing metrics – all this and more is covered by the course.

Test automation – Strategy and Architecture

Test automation can be a serious success driver – or a huge waste of money. The difference is in knowing how to do it the right way. And that's the focus of the course: what to automate and when to automate, how to write automation guidelines, how to develop test automation architecture, how to select the right tools, etc.

Test automation with QuickTest Professional

Test automation, like driving, cannot be taught as a mere theory. There is no automation without tools. The course focuses on using QuickTest Professional, the most common tool in the market, to drive high-quality automation. Not only where to find its menus and how to do record-and-reply, but how to automate real-world high-complexity applications and website using QTP.

Test Automation with Selenium

Selenium is one of the leaders of the test automation space. A free yet very capable tool that can be used with multiple scripting languages, it supports multiple browsers on a variety of platforms. Knowing how to automate tests with Selenium is a must for a test automation engineer.   see more...

Programming Basics for Test Professionals

Test automation is a double-edged sword. To excel in it, you need to think like a test engineer yet to work like a programmer: after all, automated scripts are code. This class equips you with the coding background necessary for continuing your career into the automation space.   see more...

Mobile Testing

Native mobile apps, hybrid apps, and mobile websites are everywhere, and they must be tested. Yet there are challenges: the technology is different, the screen is small, and there are factors like reception that do not exist in web and Windows. Conflair pioneered mobile testing years ago, and our course shares the expertise we've developed. How to integrate mobile tests into the testing process? What special tests need to be performed for mobile platforms? How to automate mobile tests? These and other questions are addressed by the course.   see more...

SQL and Data Quality Testing

Testing databases is impossible without knowing SQL. Thus, the course zeroes in on SQL that Test Engineers need to construct typical queries and on equipping the students with the knowledge necessary to conduct effective and efficient data quality tests for data migration and other similar projects. Lots of exercises.   see more...

XML and Web Services Testing

In many cases system level tests do not need to look "under the hood" and can treat the system-under-test as a "black box". Not so with testing service-oriented architecture: here you are frequently required to analyze the contents of XML messages, construct test messages, call web services, etc. The course will equip you with the necessary knowledge of XML and with the methodology for testing web services.   see more...

Besides standard courses, we frequently develop and deliver custom classes for our clients. One size does not fit all: the demands of your organizational and technological environment might call for a special class, and we will be glad to create one for you.

Any of our courses can be delivered them remotely or on-site.

Help comes in many forms, but the best type of help empowers the recipient so that he will not need to ask for help next time. This is the point of training: to have you own team do it on their own. Conflair can assist you with that.

About us

Conflair's mission is to improve the quality of software. To do that, we break it. In other words, we test software systems in order to discover issues before the user does. We do it in a variety of ways, manually and with the help of special test automation tools; for a variety of platforms, from the good all mainframe to web and mobile devices; locally, globally, and virtually. We go further and help our clients in setting up processes to make sure software quality is built into the development life cycle. Whatever we do, our focus is always on delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.

We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA, and since 2006 we have been helping numerous companies around the world to achieve their goals through software quality. Our team has expertise in a variety of methods and technologies, decades of experience, and we are ready to help.

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