Management Dashboards Knowing what is going on in your company is key if you wish to be on time and within budget. Yet it might be complicated: dozens of parameters from a variety of systems might be relevant to understanding where you are. Presenting them in a way that makes sense is challenging.

Conflair answers this challenge with custom Management Dashboards – a management tool that visualizes key business indicators in a single display. The data for these indicators is pulled from a variety of sources: departmental databases, customer relationship management systems, staff reports, defect and change management applications, manufacturing equipment, web stats, and more. The presentation is done through graphical, tabular and textual means, and allows drill-down into specific measures.

There are several vendors that develop ready-made Management Dashboard applications. These applications are built to fit different types of enterprises and are customizable to varying degrees. However, purchasing an application and customization it might cost in many cases significantly more than developing a tailor-made Management Dashboard, especially if we are talking about a company that is just starting to use this kind of decision support tools. Moreover, what makes the difference is, as always, not the technology but rather the selection of the appropriate key business indicators and designing simple and reliable ways to get the data needed to calculate them. Purchasing and customizing a software application, as powerful and flexible as it can be, will not solve this issue.

Conflair focuses of developing Management Dashboards that are designed to meet your needs. In order to do that, we follow a number of steps:

  1. We listen to you
    We study you needs, ask questions to understand them better and learn what kind of key business indicators you are looking for.
  2. We design the Dashboard
    A picture is sometimes better than a thousand written requirements. We define key business indicators, specify where we are going to get the information from, and design a dashboard – on paper for now – to submit it to you for discussion and approval. Being presented with a paper prototype of the Dashboard, you can decide if what we are going to develop makes sense in terms of contents and visualization. This way, a lot of effort and investment can be saved since the mistakes will be fixed before they are coded into software.
  3. We create the Dashboard
    Following the approved design, we create the Dashboard. In doing so, we can select from a wide variety of technologies: classic ASP, .NET, or even good old Excel. Our Dashboards can be browsed on a large screen in a board room, on your laptop, on a tablet of a smartphone. The key here is to adjust to the technological platform you prefer.
  4. We maintain the Dashboard
    Conflair can maintain the Dashboard by adding new key business indicators or altering the existing ones, porting the Dashboard to new databases, etc. We can also host your Dashboard.

Having all the information at your fingertips can greatly facilitate decision making. We can help you to get there.

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Conflair's mission is to deliver high quality software to our clients. Whether we develop custom software systems tailored to our clients' unique needs, help companies in establishing effective and efficient work processes, test software systems in order to ensure their quality, or automate testing for mobile devices, our focus is on delivering high-quality solutions.

We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA, and since 2006 we have been helping numerous companies around the world to achieve their goals through software quality. Our team has expertise in a variety of methods and technologies, decades of experience, and we are ready to help.

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