Testing "Bugs lurk in corners," famously observed Boris Beizer, one of the gurus of software testing. Catching them is not trivial. Discovering real problems take a solid testing methodology. Doing it efficiently, without becoming a bottleneck in the software delivery cycle, requires special expertise.

Conflair has a methodology that answers the testing challenge. Here are some points on how we do that:
  • Cover Requirements – you can never know if it works before you test all aspects of it. In order to ensure it's being done, we maintain a comprehensive coverage matrix and dynamic metrics that tell you at any point in time what is going on.
  • Test Boundaries – we will fill the database with a largest foreseeable number of records, enter the highest possible number in a field, select the most remote country as a destination – all that in order to ensure that your system can handle rare yet possible cases.
  • Mimic the "evil user" - the user who will always exercise the most illogical path or enter an obviously invalid piece data. You want to make sure your software is evil-proof.

We take special care to make testing efficient:
  • Prioritize based on risk – time is usually short, and you have to decide which tests are most important to run. Conflair makes these decisions based on risk and impact analysis, a method.
  • Track progress and report status – at any time you will know how many test have been conducted, how many passed, how many failed, etc. - and all that with our simple yet powerful metrics.
  • Separate Test Case and Test Data – this simple idea can save a whole lot of time in maintaining your testing assets. The tricky part is how exactly to do it – and that's where we have the expertise.

Functional testing is but a part of the overall testing effort. Besides ensuring that the system-under-test does what it is supposed to do, you also want to –
  • Make sure it does it quickly and without gobbling up the recourses – in other words, do Performance testing
  • Make sure it runs on multiple platforms, including mobile devices – run Compatibility tests
  • When you have a large number of tests that you need to execute quickly and reliably for every release, you certainly what to consider Test automation for all target platforms including mobile devices.

We at Conflair not only help you with testing and process improvement, we are also happy to share our knowledge and train your team to make sure they have all the tools to succeed.

Testing is an essential ingredient in ensuring quality. We know how to make it work.

About us

Conflair's mission is to improve the quality of software. To do that, we break it. In other words, we test software systems in order to discover issues before the user does. We do it in a variety of ways, manually and with the help of special test automation tools; for a variety of platforms, from the good all mainframe to web and mobile devices; locally, globally, and virtually. We go further and help our clients in setting up processes to make sure software quality is built into the development life cycle. Whatever we do, our focus is always on delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.

We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA, and since 2006 we have been helping numerous companies around the world to achieve their goals through software quality. Our team has expertise in a variety of methods and technologies, decades of experience, and we are ready to help.

Want to learn more? Drop us a line to info@conflair.com or contact us at ++1-678-467-1464.

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