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Mobile devices nowadays support all sorts of functionalities, from customer management and location-based search to emergency medicine and warehousing. Yet mobile devices pose a number of challenges that must be addressed before the user has a chance to get frustrated. As critical as it is for other platforms, quality is paramount for mobile: the competition is fierce, and the cost for the user to move to another vendor is low.

Conflair has developed a method for handling the challenges of mobile testing. Here are some of the highlights:

Any software testing must cover requirements, this is obvious. Yet mobile platforms have some rather tricky functionalities that ought to be be tested. How do you make sure your app's location services work as smoothly in Singapore as they do in New York without leaving your office? How do you test the impact of signal strength on pop-up ads? How to test internationalization? What about gestures? We know how to tackle these and other issues that are unique to mobile.

Mobile devices run a variety of operating systems: iOS with its versions, Android with its versions and flavors, Windows CE, Windows 8, and more. Mobile browsers are special as well. To make the picture even more complicated, hardware can differ substantially and change rapidly. Will your application run without errors on all target platforms? Will your web pages render correctly in different mobile browsers? Will the app install effectively? What tests do you need to run on all platforms, and what tests do not have to be repeated? Conflair will help you find the answers.

Screen size, resolution, means of inputting data, conditions of use – all these are different in mobile. Color scheme, button sizes, gestures, page orientation are just a few factors that impact the ease of using your mobile app or website. Yet in order to ensure that the users will go with your solution, it must be easy to learn and to use. Knowing how to evaluate it is Conflair's expertise.

Mobile devices pose unique performance challenges. Memory leaks can cause serious issues. Connection speed makes load problems more acute. Discovering the performance problems so you can fix them before the user notices is very important, and we can help you here.

Test Automation
Everybody likes the idea of making a machine run software tests – it's quicker, cheaper, and more reliable. Yet automating mobile apps and websites is tricky: installing a serious testing tool on a device is impossible, yet testing your application on a PC-based emulator would not tell you much about its real behavior. Conflair has developed RealMobileTM, unique methodology for testing mobile devices using common test automation tools. Our test automation solutions are architected to be flexible so they can be easily applied to new devices, as well as for other challenging platforms: mainframe, Mac, and more.

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Conflair's mission is to improve the quality of software. To do that, we break it. In other words, we test software systems in order to discover issues before the user does. We do it in a variety of ways, manually and with the help of special test automation tools; for a variety of platforms, from the good all mainframe to web and mobile devices; locally, globally, and virtually. We go further and help our clients in setting up processes to make sure software quality is built into the development life cycle. Whatever we do, our focus is always on delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.

We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA, and since 2006 we have been helping numerous companies around the world to achieve their goals through software quality. Our team has expertise in a variety of methods and technologies, decades of experience, and we are ready to help.

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