Order Management System You are poised to grow. It is no longer feasible to track the orders in a good old Excel spreadsheet. You have multiple work stations, high-priority orders, customer inquiries… You need an order management system.

Buy or build? There are quite a few out there in the market. However, when you consider the total cost of ownership, and specifically

  • Licensing costs per user
  • The hardware you will need to purchase
  • Customization costs
  • Training for your employees

building one might turn out more cost-effective.

Conflair will develop a tailor-made order management system for you. It will –
  • Do exactly what you need
  • Provide you with all the numbers
  • Talk to your existing systems
  • Project management system that fits your unique business needs
  • Cost a fraction of the comparable software packages

Why Conflair?

  • We work with a variety of industries: manufacturing, medical, financial, retails, shipping, and more.
  • We have expertise in web, mobile, Windows, etc.
  • We have a solid process that will ensure you get what you need:
    • Learning and documenting your requirements
    • Presenting you with a number of options
    • Developing, testing, and deploying the system

Want an order management system that suits your needs and fits your budget? Try Conflair.
 What our clients are saying:
Conflair developed for us an order management system that is now used both in the back office and on the production floor. The system is web-based, updates in real time, and allows us to implement visual management and on-time delivery more efficiently than previously.
From soliciting requirements to development, testing, and support, Conflair provided an excellent service for us. They knew how to adjust to our schedule, understand our unique needs, and leverage their experience in order to create the system we need.
Our experience with Conflair was very positive.

About us

Conflair's mission is to deliver high quality software to our clients. Whether we develop custom software systems tailored to our clients' unique needs, help companies in establishing effective and efficient work processes, test software systems in order to ensure their quality, or automate testing for mobile devices, our focus is on delivering high-quality solutions.

We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA, and since 2006 we have been helping numerous companies around the world to achieve their goals through software quality. Our team has expertise in a variety of methods and technologies, decades of experience, and we are ready to help.

Want to learn more? Drop us a line to info@conflair.com or contact us at ++1-678-467-1464.

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